Showing appreciation and promoting wellness among employees is an important part of any successful company. Why not add some fun to the mix by giving out custom wellness swag bags? These creative gift bags are a great way to show your employees how much you care about their health and well-being. Let's explore some of the best ideas for your company’s wellness swag bag.

Custom Drink Bottles
A personalized, stainless steel water bottle can make a great addition to any wellness swag bag. Not only are they stylish and long-lasting, but they also encourage healthy hydration and reduce our environmental impact by eliminating single-use plastic bottles. Plus, custom drink bottles are a great way to promote your company’s brand and logo.

Relaxation Kits
Relaxation kits are the perfect way to show your team that you appreciate all their hard work! Include items such as essential oils, herbal teas, face masks, and soothing lotions in the kit. You could even include small items like notebooks or journals so that employees can jot down thoughts or plan out goals for self-care.

Healthy Snacks
The right snacks can make all the difference when it comes to staying productive throughout the day! Fill your wellness swag bag with healthy snacks such as protein bars, granola bars, and trail mix. This will give employees energy throughout the day while also helping them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Creating unique wellness swag bags is a great way to show appreciation for your team while promoting healthy habits at work. Custom drink bottles, relaxation kits, and healthy snacks are just some of the many ideas you can use when designing your next wellness swag bag! With these creative gift bags, you can help your employees stay energized and motivated while providing them with something special that they can use everyday!
Written by Bri Newman

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