Our Track Record

Our starting line began in 1981 in a one-car garage with a vision of supporting the economic growth in Chattanooga, TN. What began as a decal manufacturing company, know as Flywheel, is now a full-service creative marketing agency and merchandise distributor.

Fast-forward from 1981 to a modern day conference room table where we wanted to marry effective and impactful. We sifted through items, tried them for ourselves, asked our friends and family what they’d want. In our experience, finding the right products can feel cumbersome or disappointing for a one-size fits all model.

So, the question presented itself: How do we combine quality, sustainable products with easy customization and transparent ordering? Enter MomentumBoxes.

While curating these kits, we understood how simple we could make the process for others who wanted the best on a tight timeline. We wanted to make celebrating easy for executives. And with your world spinning so fast on a nonstop trajectory, MomentumBox is a space where you can breathe for a second while letting us do the work for you.

Still family-owned and operated today, our vision remains the same, and our passion is unwavering: to advance the mission and support the values of our clients.

So, why not give us a try? MomentumBox is merch made simple, but it's also merch that moves you.


MomentumBox + Flyhweel